Meet Pranina, kid who knows capital of 205 countries; Watch the viral video here

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Published by Tapasya Iyer on 03 Jun 2021

The pandemic had brought about many trends in the world. Amid the lockdown, viral videos act as instruments for positivity and strength, don’t they? While some videos are funny, some test our intellect and challenge our knowledge. One similar video recently left the netizens in surprise. A video of two and a half year old girl listing Capitals of 205 countries like a pro without any hesitance has gone viral taking the internet by storm. The video was shared by IAS officer Priyanka Shukla on her Twitter feed and within hours the video went viral.

In her tweet, IAS Priyanka captioned the video of the young girl casually answering the capital of 205 countries in Hindi, it translates, “How many country capitals do you know? Meet my colleague @23Pradeep daughter Pranina here! She has memorized the names of the capitals of 205 countries at just the age of 2.6 years. Pradeep says that Pranina’s memory is extraordinary right from the beginning.”

Here is the viral video:

The post was liked thousands of people and shared by many. The Twitteratis lauded her achievement and skill in the comment section. One netizen commented, “Woooow, great sweet intelligent and smart at such a small age.” Some even blessed her for future success and appreciated her extra-ordinary memory.

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