Michael Jackson Birthday Special: Doctors Unveil The Secret Behind His 45-degree Tilt

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Published by Admin on 28 Aug 2018

The legendary artist Michael Jackson won hearts with his extraordinary dance performances. His unique dance moves made people go crazy for him. MJ’s ‘Moonwalk’ is world famous and is often imitated by dancers and his fans.

Today is the legendary pop singer 60th birth anniversary and on this day, let’s talk about MJ’s signature 45-degree tilt which has been quite popular and a highlight of all his performances.

In many videos, he has done a 45-degree tilt and no one knows how he did that magical move. Some also said he used a harness for bending forward in the video. But MJ has performed this move in live shows as well and this raised a question about his trick for the ’45 Degree tilt’.

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Some scientists from the Postgraduate Institute of Medical Education and Research in Chandigarh claimed that they have decoded the mystery behind his magical move. According to their study, Michael Jackson used some specially designed shoes. As it impossible to do a 45-degree tilt. Dancers having strong core strength could do only 25-30 degree tilt. They said, “The move is incredibly tough to pull off, requiring athletic core strength from strengthened spinal muscles and lower-limb anti-gravity muscles.”

A neurosurgeon also said, “The King of Pop has not only been an inspiration but a challenge to the medical fraternity.”

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MJ shocked everyone with this dance move in the music video ‘Smooth Criminal’ released in 1988. The special shoes he used to have slots in heels. When the shoe wearer leans forward the slots get hooked to a nail in the ground. It helped the dancers to tilt forward without falling down.

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The neurosurgeons also called it an illusion created by MJ and behind this magic trick are those shoes. The doctors have also found that trying this move can also be led to spinal issues. Michael Jackson himself took help of the special shoes and fans don’t need to take risk of doing the ’45 degree tilt’ which can land them in some problem.



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