Mika Singh’s Karachi performance outrages India-Pak Twitteratis.

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Published by Lokendra Sharma on 12 Aug 2019

Mika Singh has recently performed in Karachi, Pakistan at the wedding of Pervez Musharraf’s cousin’s daughter. The video of the artist performing in Pakistan became a web sensation on Twitter making netizens angry.


In the midst of all the stress between India and Pakistan due to the abrogation of Article 370, Mika Singh performed in Karachi, Pakistan.This act of Mika Singh is not getting liked by people from both the nations.


The renowned Bollywood vocalist who has given hits like Jumme Ki Raat and Aankh Mare was recently seen performing at the wedding celebrations of the daughter of former President of Pakistan, Pervez Musharraf’s cousin.


The Indian popstar was welcomed alongside a team of 14 individuals for the occasion. The videos of Mika Singh performance has turned into a web sensation on Twitter and has gotten a ton of backlash from both, Indian and Pakistani Twitterati.


Renowned Pakistani writer, Naila Inayat tweeted a 30-second video of Mika singing his hit melody Jumme Ki Raat Hai with the inscription, “Glad that Indian vocalist Mika Singh performed at the mehndi of Gen Musharraf’s relative recently in Karachi. God forbid if it was Nawaz Sharif’s relative it would be raining ghadari k hashtag as of now.”


“This is a time where there is van on Indian films, dramas, shows, and Pakistan has made its views to the Indian Government. Even if visas were issued early, they should have been canceled,” said Shah.


Indeed, even after a total ban in Pakistan on broadcasting Indian media substance of all types including films, melodies, and so forth, Mika, alongside his team was given a visa for 30 days for three cities of Karachi, Lahore, and Islamabad, as per Pakistan news site.

As per reports, the groom is a big fan of Mika and wanted to have Mika live on his wedding festivities.


Mika Singh has charged USD 150,000 for his performance.


Have a look at what Twitteratis reacted to Mika’s performance in Karachi. They are furious though.


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