Mini meme fest took place in internet as the Twitter goes down

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Published by Neetu Panwar on 23 Aug 2019

Yesterday the Twitter went down out of the blue and the twitterati were quite down too.  Most of the Twitter users tried the age-old tradition of uninstalling and re-installing the app, but nothing expected happened.  Then the idea of creating memes on this topic popped out of their minds and a meme fest took place yesterday on social media.  Many hilarious and sarcastic memes were created and Twitterati shared their views on #TwitterDown.

The Twitter Down took place globally on Wednesday.  Users of the platform were quite upset over the fact that they couldn’t access the micro-blogging website for the rest of the time until it is all set.  The platform was majorly affected in India, Japan and UK.  A message that read “Something went wrong” was displayed on the timeline of all the Twitter users.

The platform was affected both on mobile and PC platforms.  There were these messages too, that reads, “Cannot retrieve tweets at this time. Please try again later”.  Users who read these messages for a second thought that their account had been suspended.  However, all this hassle disappeared in just couple of hours time and Twitter returned with a bang again.

Twitter goes down and the internet is busy creating memes

Meanwhile, many hilarious and sarcastic memes about the ways its users felt during #TwitterDown did rounds.  User named ShadySGian wrote, “I really thought my account got suspended #TwitterDown”

One user shared an image of a man doing prank with another man and then saying him that we are doing a prank video and the camera is on that side.  Another user wrote that when Twitter is down, people reside on Instagram to satisfy their craving for socializing.

The memes were quite hilarious and was lot of fun to watch them after the Twitter is back on track.  From quite some time now, people are after creating memes and are sharing them on micro-blogging sites for fun.

The twist is that even the company’s own Tweet backend software, TweetDeck was also not able to post anything on the platform at the time of Twitter down.

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