MM Keeravaani reveals Guneet Monga was hospitalised for breathlessness after not being allowed to speak at Oscars 2023

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Published by Aman Shukla on 25 Mar 2023

Composer MM Keeravaani, whose song ‘Naatu Naatu’ became a global sensation, said that he and Guneet Monga had quite different reactions to winning an Oscar. The Elephant Whisperers, produced by Monga, won an Oscar for the best documentary short

In a recent interaction with Galatta Plus, Keeravani said that the universe was listening to his prayers and it happened. “Which left me in not great excitement.” He went on to say that it was exciting, however not to the point of being breathless, ike the other award winner Guneet Monga. He also stated that she was not given enough time to deliver her speech, so she went breathless and was hospitalised.

Guneet has before stated that she was cut off before she could deliver her speech at the Oscars. She said that she got a big shock when her speech was cut off by the music. She added that she was on the stage but she loudly said to the people who were on the ground that this is India’s first Oscar for an Indian production and then everyone began clapping.

The producer added that she can’t believe that she was so zoned out and shocked. She said that her heart began beating so fast. “I thought I can’t come this far and not be heard. At that moment, I felt that I would go back and give my speech again on the main stage. But backstage, I was able to give my speech. They cut us off, which was not nice.”

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