This Mother’s Suggestion For Daughter’s Fridge Has Made People Emotional

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We all know that mothers can do anything and everything to make the lives of their kids comfortable. They can make sacrifices that no other can for their children. All the mothers in the world will walk an extra mile if they have to for their kids’ safety and happiness. Most importantly, sometimes, the small gestures that they do for the kids go unnoticed. And when we notice them, we are left with emotion running all through our bodies. Something similar happened with a Twitter user @shrutithenaik, who found a loving note by her mother who returned to India after some time.

Naik shared the picture of the note on her Twitter handle and captioned it. She wrote, “Mom returned to India today and she left this on my fridge.” The paper had the details of the things her mother had organised in her fridge. Everything was mentioned clearly so that her daughter can understand it with ease. As soon as she shared the post, people on Twitter got emotional and started to relate it with themselves.

One of the comments on the post read, “This is the most desi mom thing I ever saw.” And, as we know that the Mother’s Day recently went, one of the users wrote, “This one fridge note has decimated all the senti Mothers Day ads I’ve seen since I woke up. Moms, quite literally, rule.”

After reading the comments, I got emotional too, and I can say that moms will always do whatever it takes to keep their kids happy. Respect to all the moms out there!

Published by Lokendra Sharma on 15 May 2019

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