MP Couple Shifts Homes 18 Times In Past 3 Years Because Of Wife’s Fear Of Cockroach; Husband Seeks Divorce

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Phobia of certain insects or any other thing is a real thing and many people suffer because of it. In a recent incident, a couple of Madhya Pradesh had to shift homes 18 times in the past three years because of his wife’s cockroach phobia. Now, after changing so many homes, the husband is seeking a divorce.

The reports state that the husband didn’t know about his wife’s cockroach phobia before they got married. However, soon after their wedding in the year 2017, the woman confessed her condition when she saw a cockroach. She allegedly screamed her lungs out after spotting a cockroach in the kitchen. After which the woman insisted on not entering the kitchen again and asked her husband to move houses.

The husband-wife duo shifted their homes for the first time in 2018, and then it kept on repeating. They kept changing homes one after the other for the next three years. The reports claim that the MP couple shifted to 18 new homes but all in vain.

Now, the reports claim that the man wants to file a divorce as he has gotten tired of moving to new houses. The sources also state that the husband tried to get his wife tested at several psychiatric institutes and professionals. They even allegedly visited AIIMS, but the woman refused to follow the medications prescribed to her.

The woman allegedly went on to accuse her husband of trying to baselessly declare her a mental health patient. The whole matter was even taken to the men’s rights organisation BHAI Welfare Society for counselling. However, even they couldn’t provide any solution to the issue.

Meanwhile, an extremely exhausted husband will now be allegedly filing a divorce. Speaking of the fear of cockroaches, the phobia is called Katsaridaphobia and can be debilitating for anyone suffering from it.

Published by siddhi ajgoankar on 21 Apr 2021

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