Amazon delivers Redmi Note 10 to man who ordered mouthwash

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Published by Ananya on 15 May 2021

Lokesh Daga, a Mumbai-based man, ordered mouthwash from Amazon and instead received a Redmi Note 10. However, this is not the first time the online shopping platform has given its customers something they did not request.

Daga mentioned in his tweet that he ordered Colgate mouthwash from Amazon but what he received was a Redmi Note 10. His tweet about the incident has since received a lot of attention from people on Twitter.

He tweeted images of his placed order and the phone he received, “Hello @amazonIN, ordered a Colgate mouth wash via ORDER # 406-9391383-4717957 and instead of that got a @RedmiIndia note 10. Since mouth was in a consumable product returns are restricted and am unable to request for return via the app.”

In another tweet, he expressed his confusion about the bill.

Since they were posted on May 13, the tweets have evoked a wide range of reactions like “Keep the Redmi phone and order the mouthwash from the local kirana bro,” tweeted a Twitter user. “Appreciate your ethics dude,” posted another. However, he was wise to inform Amazon and request that the product be delivered to the correct address rather than keeping the phone, whereas in many similar incidents, some choose to keep the product if it is of interest to them.


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