Mumbai Police Takes A Dig At A Youth For Breaking Traffic Rules, Posts A Funny Tweet

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We have seen many people breaking the traffic rules and the police have taken appropriate action against those offenders. However, lately, social media has become a big help to make more and more people aware of how important it is to follow the traffic rules.

Well, Mumbai police are definitely doing their duties properly but they have found a new way to improve the public and the way they function. Hence, instead of giving warnings and giving dhamkis, they have found a new way to improve the riders.

Today, the official handle of Mumbai Police took a hilarious dig at one of a young biker who was caught by them for breaking the traffic rules. The young man was riding without a helmet and hence, police caught him and also charged him a fine.

Well, the biker definitely was caught but the Police got a great chance to take a funny dig at the young man.

Here’s what they tweeted:

We know you can’t stop laughing after seeing this pic or rather we can call this a meme.

We all should be aware of the traffic and safety rules and never disobey them.

Hats off to the Mumbai police who takes a lot of efforts to protect us.

Published by Admin on 16 May 2018

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