Mumbaikars share their rain woes on social media

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Published by Ricky Tandon on 06 Sep 2019

The city of Mumbai is once again under the spell of heavy rain and the weather looks too gloomy. The heavy rain has brought the city to standstill due to the floods on the roads and overflowing manholes. The floods on the road have restricted the mobility within the city and this has created a lot of issues for the common people.

As per the Indian Meteorological Department, there will be extreme weather conditions in the city and has also issued an orange alert. The extreme weather conditions will also close the transport facility and the power supply will also be disrupted.

The people living in the city really got affected by the heavy rains and they shared their woes on social media.

Some of the users were seen sharing the pictures of huge potholes on the roads that are filled with rain water and we can also see the heavy traffic block that have brought the city to a halt. In one of the social media post, we can see water falling heavily from the roof of a multi storied building in Mumbai and it really gives the look and feel of a waterfall.

You can also see vehicles making their way through the heavy water flooded roads and the amount of risk that people have to take while commuting from one place to another.

In most of the areas, the water level in the roads have gone upto 2 feet high, which is really causing issues for the vehicles, especially two wheeler and other small vehicles. Some social media users try to produce some humor out of their sorrows and were posting something funny stuff.

As per various posts, it was quite evident that the taxis were making the most out of the rain as they were charging excessive fares, which are indeed unacceptable.

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