NASA’s Hubble Telescope observes rare planet in the making

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The Hubble Space Telescope created by NASA has captured a super stunning image of a planet in the making which is as big as Jupiter. This planet is said to be located outside the solar system and is called the PDS 70b and it is situated in the Centaurus constellation, which is approximately 370 light-years from our planet Earth. In the picture we can see that the small exoplanet has two planets under work with progress, both placed inside a large mass of dust and gas. NASA used Hubble Telescope’s Ultraviolet sensitivity to study the radiation  which was being generated by hot gas pouring onto the planet. The UV sensitivity allowed them to measure the mass growth rate of the planet for the very first time. The PDS 70b is already surrounded by its own gas and dusk disk and still it is pulling material from a larger existing disk. As per the Scientists involved, the circumstellar disk  has its magnetic field extended down to the exoplanet.

Published by Sanika Abhyankar on 01 May 2021

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