Neitizens startled after watching the video of alligator climbing fence

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Published by Neetu Panwar on 22 Aug 2019

Due to the internet at hand we are getting to see many unusual things happening around the world.  There are tones of videos online that showcase the things that would literally leave us in utter surprise.  Recently, a video of an alligator climbing fence went viral on the internet.  The animal was seen entering the Naval Air Station (NAS) in Jacksonville.  When the base officials were informed about the same, they told it would not be removed unless it poses a risk to citizens living nearby.

The uncommon climbing of the reptile left many sacred online.  The video has clearly showed that the fences can no more stop the crocodiles and alligators from entering into residential areas.  In the video that has gone viral, an alligator is seen not only climbing a wired fence but also successfully crossing on the other side by jumping from it.

If you are new to Florida or have been here for years, when you see water, assume an alligator could be in it. We have…

Gepostet von NAS Jacksonville am Sonntag, 18. August 2019

The reptile is seen scaling a roadside fence at a Florida Navy base and the entire thing was recorded by a local named Christina Stewart.  He was also startled by the incident.  In the video Stewart can be heard saying, “There it goes, over the fence,” as the animal crosses over the barrier nonchalantly.

NAS quips not to approach them ever

Though the incident was reported to the concerned authorities, they said that they would not come into action until and unless it poses any harm to the residents living there.  Citing the same, NAS also shared an update on its Facebook page with a photo of the intruder trespassing into their territory and quipped, “They don’t respect our security measures”. Warning people about their presence, “Do not approach them ever!”

The video went viral in no time on the social media platforms and people were startled to see the alligator climbing so effortlessly over the wired fence.  Most of them expressed their disbelief as they didn’t know alligators were good climbers too.

One user wrote, “Damn it. So that alligator proof fence I erected isn’t going to work?”  Another tweet read, “That’s how I know NJ is the only place for me because if I ever see some shit like this I might just pass out.  Another user wrote, “Thank god the dam things can’t fly!!”

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