Netizens are in love with alphabet song with Indian adaption

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Published by Neetu Panwar on 04 Sep 2019

The alphabet songs are very popular among the kids.  The main purpose of creating alphabet song is to make it easy for the kids to learn the alphabets.  There are lots of alphabet song versions available online and students can get to download them for free.  Recently, a song is going viral in the internet that was shared by Barry reworks.

There are nuggets like J for “Jerox Copy” and Z is for “Zuperman” in the song.  The latest video that is going viral has an Indian twist to it.  The video shared by YouTube channel This is Barry reworks the alphabet song to give nuggets like J for “Jerox Copy” and Z is for “Zuperman”.    Though the video has been in the internet from quite some time now, it is just now that it has gone viral.

This is probably the only version of the English alphabet with an Indian adaption.   And that is the soul reason for this song to be such a big hit among the Youtubers.  There are many other versions of the alphabet song and another version that is popular among the internet users is the Bhojpuri version.  You can check out the videos of the alphabet songs in YouTube.

Alphabet song with Indian twist left netizens in splits

Netizens are able to relate to the Indian adaption of the alphabet song because of the kind of words that are used in making the song.  Netizens are in love with this version of the son and check out the reactions of them below.

User named Priyanka Shankar wrote, “omg I used to pronounce like this! How disgustingly true.”

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Another user wrote, “HAHAHAHAHA ‘E FOR EEDIOT’ HAHAHAHAHAHA.”   User named Mialuni Mehta wrote, “I can’t breathe this is my everything.”

Another tweet read, “RIP abc’s song…HAHAHAHAH.”  One user wrote, “Had me at zooperman.”  User named Kinda M. Najada wrote, “From now on I will say folice.”

“When you take alphabet song literally,” wrote Seimon Rei Candaza.

The song is very much relatable because of the kind of wording that it has in it.  Netizens are literally enjoying listening to the song.

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