Netizens Including Shashi Tharoor Grill UK Professor For Calling ‘Idli’ Boring

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A British professor faced the wrath of almost every South Indian Twitter user for calling a food of that region “the most boring thing on earth.” Edward Anderson, the professor wrote it on Twitter in reply to a question by the online food delivery app Zomato. The food named by the professor was idli.

Though the topic related to colonialism or cricket, still it didn’t take time to raise a debate. Many Twitter users, mostly South Indian citizens, protested strongly against Anderson’s remarks.

Seeing his Twitter handle to be flooded with comments, Mr. Anderson wrote another tweet that showed he not only knows the names of other South Indian cuisine but also loves one or two among them. He wrote that he loves Dosas, Uttapams and the classic Puttu. But, this post could not help him much.

One Twitter user just criticized Anderson mentioning the food that people of foreign countries generally have for breakfast. One user even literally admonished the professor saying that he has made a “grave error” and this will “haunt” him for his lifetime.

Even Shashi Tharoor and his son too reacted in this matter. Tharoor’s son mentioned it as ‘the most offensive take on Twitter.’ Tharoor wrote mentioning his son, “the taste & refinement to appreciate idlis, enjoy cricket, or watch ottamthullal is not given to every human. Take pity on this poor man, for he may never know what life can be.”

The debate reached a high when netizens started to advise to the professor about how he can enjoy the taste of idli. Some wrote that Anderson should try it with mutton or lamb. Another one just suggested trying Fried Mini Podi Idlis.

But, the British professor didn’t seem to be sorry for what he wrote. Instead, he later replied, I’m very sorry to report that my unpopular – or “blasphemous”, as some have said – opinion remains unchanged. #sorrynotsorry”.

Published by Ricky Tandon on 12 Oct 2020

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