Nikita Sonkhiya’s MyOnEarth Is One Stop Shop For All Eco Friendly, Sustainable & Plastic Free Needs

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Published by Ricky Tandon on 04 Dec 2020

Started during January this year by Nikita Sonkhiya, MyOnEarth registered an income of Rs 50 lakh in less than a period of one year in spite of the countrywide lockdown. Nikita Sonkhiya has also shared that she made use of a bamboo toothbrush six years back. As she carried on substituting daily products created using plastic with ecological alternatives, she comprehended that an environmentally friendly way of life was not an incredible thought.

“I see that people want to make a change. The problem is that these products are not available in the local kirana shops and people end up buying what is available at an economical price,” Nikita shared.

Nikita Sonkhiya is an engineer and she bids adieu to her corporate job as a project manager at HCL and commenced MyOnEarth in the month of January 2020.

Based in the national capital, MyOnEarth provides diverse natural products fabricated from just three constituents including bamboo, coconut coir, and coconut shell that is also waste produce for agriculturalists. Its range comprises personal care, travel, kitchen and home furnishings, fashion, in addition to stationery.

The products comprise knives and forks fabricated from coconut shells, bamboo toothbrushes, and other dental cleanliness items, plantable seed pencil, amongst a lot of products. MyOnEarth commenced with a B2B model fulfilling the demands of domestic as well as global customers comprising Earthy Crafts, Mark Mulholland, Andreas, Claudia, and Victoria.

The lockdown pushed them to undertake as a D2C brand and at the present, their products are accessible in a number of retail shops in Bengaluru.

Nikita stated, “I did not choose Amazon and other major platforms because there is a lot of returns and our products are fragile and frequent shipping might break them.”

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