Nokia 3310’s news to be 70% charged even after 20 years is spurious

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Published by Lokendra Sharma on 27 Aug 2019

Nokia is every 90’s kids first phone. The memories, the feelings, the attachment, everything related to it is emotional. Recently news about a Nokia 3310 with 70% battery which was found after 20 years was viral. Everyone had different reactions to this news. The reactions were so strong that within no time every news agency, memes covered it. Comparison of Nokia to the latest mobile companies was trolling on every social media platform. Sorry to break your love for the phone, the news is totally fake.


Kevin Moody was clearing his Drawer looking for a key to the shed when he stumbled upon his old Nokia 3310 mobile phone. The phone had been forgotten for about 20 years but was still switched on. But, the news is not real. The news website called the ‘Chesterbungle‘ actually published it as satirical content. The website publishes articles with catchy titles and stories that are away from reality.

The face it there is no consumer grade battery in the world which can last for up to 20 years without recharging. Furthermore, the news website which posted this story initially, actually publishes satirical content. Several media websites published the satirical article as actual real news without any investigation. Laughing Colours was one of them. 

In today’s world, a city requires electricity with the order of several megawatts and Nokia 3310 original model was powered by just one 1,000 mAh battery. So the people who wrote the article aren’t just bad at basic reporting but they’re downright incumbent at maths and common sense too…




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