NY Mural of Astronaut Represents Green India Sporting a Mahatma Gandhi Patch on Shoulder

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Published by Neetu Panwar on 12 Apr 2019

On behalf of commemorating the 150th birth anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi and the Centenary of the International Labour Organization [ILO], an astronaut sports a Mahatma Gandhi Patch on the shoulder. It happened on the premises of the Permanent Mission of India to the UN in New York. On Tuesday, a mural which is painted on the Indian Mission to the UN sidewall was inaugurated. Victor Ash, one of the popular street artists in the country has made this fantastic work of art.

He posted the same picture on his Instagram handle and captioned it as ‘Yesterday’s inauguration of my new wall on 43 street… #nycmurals #manhattan #skyisthelimit #victorash #ilo #sam #mural #astronaut #newyorkcity #space #india #green #nature #sustainability #mahatmaghandi #Gandhi #christlerbuilding #unitednations thanks to @just_a_spectator for the pictures.’

From the picture, the astronaut wants to say the way how people need to view the world from outer space. Besides this, he tried to acknowledge the contribution of India towards green spaces. The Permanent Representative of India namely Syed Akbaruddin appreciated the effort of the person and termed it as a ‘creative depiction’.

The major goal of this depiction is to emphasize the crucial role of India, Mahatma Gandhi and the ILO to bring out the environmental awareness to a wide range of audience rather than the targets of diplomats. From his next pictures posted on Instagram, he captioned the photos as ‘Sustainability and social justice, fighting for a greener future 🌍 a mural on the side of the Indian permanent mission at the UN in NYC on 43rd street and celebrating ILO 100 and Gandhi’s 150th Birthday.’

The person behind this artwork, Victor Ash is a wonderful artist who thought of commemorating the anniversary of Gandhi’s birth. Later, he said, ‘I mixed different ideas and came up with this ‘green astronaut’ that is also worker – the worker from the future who would be working in space and to commemorate the anniversary of Gandhi’s birth.’ He thought of adding the image of Gandhi just as a logo on the astronaut’s arm.

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