Oatmeal is a perfect breakfast for people with hypertension, check out the recipe

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High blood pressure has become a household problem in India. It is also known as Portal Hypertension. There are many things responsible for portal hypertension in the human body, and poor lifestyle tops the list. Inadequate sleep, excess consumption of junk food, not exercising and salt plays crucial role in spiking up the blood pressure in human body. When you eat excess salt, the blood vessels are thickened due to the accumulation of the excess salt. It creates a layer, as a result the blood flow is not normal anymore, it is escalated.

Portal hypertension can be controlled with medication, but also if you can improve your lifestyle, you can find a possible control on your high blood pressure.

Your meals play the most crucial role in life, and you must understand that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. If you can have a solid breakfast, you can get the most of energy to run through the day with meals in intervals.


Oatmeal can turn out to be really healthy. It’s an ideal breakfast option for the people dealing with portal hypertension and for those who want to take precautions. Here’s a quick recipe:

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You will need 1 cup of vanilla yogurt, half cup of oatmeal and your choice of berries.

Take a glass and place a layer of yogurt at the bottom of it. The layer should be at least 1 inch. Then, make 1/2 inch layer of oatmeal on top of the yogurt and a layer of blueberries on top of the layer of oatmeal. Repeat this process until you reach the glass’s top with oatmeal, berries or a mix of all the ingredients. Serve chill!

Published by Nilesh Bhattacharya on 08 Jul 2020

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