Official Twitter war has begun between Telegram and WhatsApp; It’s hilarious!

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Published by Tapasya Iyer on 16 May 2021

On Saturday, the WhatsApp privacy policy came into effect. The controversial policy faced a lot of criticisms from the people and the deadline was extended from early months of the year to May 15. The ever competitive messaging apps didn’t leave the opportunity to take a dig at WhatsApp to get the users attention. Telegram, the instant messaging app was the first to do it. It posted a tweet suggesting its time to put WhatsApp to bin. This tweet was the declaration of war.


WhatsApp immediately responded with a tweet about Telegram’s failure to end-to-end encrypt messages. In its reply, Telegram shared another screenshot on Twitter insulting WhatsApp’s privacy policies again. It wrote, “@WhatsApp our users know how things work and have the pen source apps to PROVE it. You.. talk to the screenshot.”

Later, when netizens replied to the war chats above, Telegram made it a point to reply to most of the tweets in a savage way.

Here are some of the most savage replies:

The privacy policy of WhatsApp is finally in. The developers have said that the account will not be disabled if users do not accept the notification. Only after persistent reminders, there may be some limited dysfunctionality of the app. The user won’t be able to access the chat list, won’t receive incoming calls or notification.

On Thursday, a senior Ministry of Electronics and IT said to the media that the government is looking pro-actively at the  privacy policies of WhatsApp and will take the necessary steps soon.


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