Osaka Lanes See Old Phone Booths Converted Into Goldfish Tanks

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Published by Ricky Tandon on 13 Jan 2021

Did you ever think that what do you do with the useless telephone cubicles standing near the paths? You surely throw them in the garbage boxes, right? But think yet again, as did the Kingyobu group on Japan. What they have carried out is turn useless and long-standing telephone cubicles into fish reservoirs. Yes, you heard it right! This is a great thought, definitely!

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Currently, in a lot of cities, phone booths have been vanishing as the majority of persons always favor to take mobile handsets with them. The Japanese art collective called Kingyobu has turned up with an innovative hint of changing longstanding payphone cubicles into goldfish tanks or aquariums.

Kingyobu is, at the present, altering the view of the lanes of Osaka by reprocessing the ancient payphone booths. They are changing the ancient glass boxes into living ecological units and making them active places for radiantly colored goldfish.

They have reserved the special initiative with the aim to seal old as well as useless phone booths and block them up with water, foams, and cutesy golden fish. The airing system permits the fish to breathe in a proper manner.

The booth’s original bench and telephone remained undamaged. When the said booth gets filled with the required water the old phone receiver lifts at the top.

During the night, the fish tank shines from within, letting the place to lighten.

Goldfish are highly representational in Japanese values, appearing in artistic works since ancient times, so Kingyobu’s phone booth transformation not just pays homage to an out-dated victim of technology, however also tips its hat to Japanese tradition.

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