Pakistani Journalist seen reporting in neck-deep water, video goes viral

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Published by Lokendra Sharma on 31 Jul 2019

Journalists do a great job for the countrymen by bringing news from all over the world, but, there are times when journalists additionally do out of the box things, notwithstanding putting themselves in danger, to cover a story. A video of a Pakistani journalist giving details regarding the flood circumstance of the nation is one such example.


In the video, the journalist is seen standing and reporting in neck-profound water with simply his head standing out. He appears courageous by the streaming water around him and proceeds to report about the effect of the rising water levels of the Sind waterway on its encompassing farming grounds.

GTV News, the channel for which the journalist was covering the story, took to YouTube to share the video. Be that as it may, soon it grabbed individuals’ eye and now it’s being shared across over different online life platforms.

The journalist’s different way of covering a story got mixed responses from the audience. There were numerous who hailed the correspondent for his fearlessness and lauded his endeavors. But, there were also a number of people who censured him and remarked that he shouldn’t risk his life for just a story.


Here are the means by which the netizens responded to the video:

The video has already been shared on various social media platforms and, as soon as it got released it got viral. There are some people who are applauding him for his sincerity towards his profession, while others are not happy in the way he is risking his life.


As per the Independent, the flood has taken many lives and harmed many individuals since the start of monsoon season in Pakistan this month.


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