Priyanka’s The Sky Is Pink is inspired by the courageous girl, Aisha Choudhary

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Published by Vijay Singh on 28 Jul 2018

Well known beauty Priyanka Chopra has turned out to the face of the Bollywood as well as Hollywood and she has been bagging praises from all sides.

Whether it is the cute Jhilmil or the ferocious Mary Kom or even a stressed Meghna Mathur, our Indian gem always remains special wheneven she came on the silver screen.

After a short break, she is making a comeback to the Hindi film industry with an inspiring tale. And this time, she will be seen donning the role of Aisha Choudhary’s mom in “The Sky is Pink.”

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The film’s tale, a film with an emotional touch, is penned by Shonali Bose. Farhan Akhtar and Zaira Wasim will also become part of this big project. Zaira will be seen donning the role of Aisha Choudhary.

Who is Aisha Choudhary and how she become an inspiration to viewers –

Aisha, a motivational speaker and author of one book, had always confronted a lot of challenges in her life but none of them remained victorious in tearing her down. She remained strong and full of spirit until she died.

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Aditi Chaudhary, Aisha’s mom stated, “Aisha was diagnosed (with Severe Combined Immuno-Deficiency or SCID) when she was six months old. And she had a bone marrow transplant in the United Kingdom… Basically, these children are born without an immune system so any disease can kill them, even the common cold.”

The medical doctor had given the girl just 12 months to live unless she went through a bone marrow transplantation surgery, and even after that, the risk would not go away completely.

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Even though the transplant assisted Aisha with her Severe Combined Immuno-Deficiency, it came with the sturdy threat of Pulmonary Fibrosis—an illness that happens when lung tissues get harmed, making it tricky for your lungs to work in a proper manner.

While talking o media, Aditi said, “Aisha was diagnosed with pulmonary fibrosis in January of 2010. Her lung capacity was only 35%, and as a result, she had trouble walking and navigating staircases. She would tire easily.”

Whilst Aisha was under pressure, and at her most dangerous phase, her pals begun straying away.

“She was often not asked out by friends as she was getting slower and needed help with carrying heavy things. I think the more she suffered and the more she felt unaccepted by her peers, the more determined she became. I was blown away when she agreed to be a speaker at INK at the age of 14, but she said, “I must do it because I think I can’t,” Aditi recalled.

That turned out to be the turning point in Aisha’s life.

“Aisha was bedridden since February 2014, and that’s when I found that she had started thinking a lot about life, death, happiness and pain,” Aditi told media, adding that, “Every day she would say very profound things. I suggested that she write these thoughts down and she asked me, “Why? Who will read them?” So, I gave her a book called ‘Notes to Myself’ by Hugh Prather and told her that the book had sold a million copies. Aisha smiled and said, “I can write better than Hugh Prather!”

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