The Peeche Dekho Boy made a comeback wishing a new year with his cute video

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Do you know the overnight star Peer Ahmad Shah, the adorable spectacles-wearing boy from Pakistan who became a social media sensation? Remembering him makes us smile even now because of his cute comedy combo. He is back again with another video that went viral recently. In the video, he is seen wishing the world a Happy New Year. Along with him, his brothers named Umer and Abubakar were seen as well.

However, this time, it was not Ahmad Shah who stole the show’s topper cap as usual. It was a little chubby boy on the left, Umer. While the video was going on, he drops the packet of candy on the ground. First, he looks at the camera and then at the packet below.

The center of attraction is a dilemma that is evident on the little boy’s face. It seems as he is confused about what he should do. After some time of thinking, he picks it up as stealthily as possible and looks back at the camera.

Watch the moment here by clicking on the link below:

The video went viral after he uploaded the video on an Instagram page called ‘cuteahmadshah01’.

His parents posted the same video without Umer’s wholesome mistake on Facebook. This time, he is not even looking at the camera. Taking a look at the video is making people laugh again.

Umer’s expressions caught the internet’s fancy. Netizens could not help but gush about how adorable he was. “Poor soul. He was so conflicted for 30 seconds,” one user said. Another one loved the moment so much that she was ready to ‘take a bullet’ for him.

While there were comments about his cuteness, some tried to ridicule the children’s’ weight. Eventually, some netizens stepped in and called them out on their fat-shaming. Children are an incarnation of God, we should never judge them or try to bully them. These innocent souls are the gems of life.

Published by Stuvi on 04 Jan 2021

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