Penalty Of Rs. 500 Imposed On Virat Kohli For Using Drinking Water To Wash His Car

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India Cricket captain Virat Kohli Kohli has been slapped a fi** of Rs 500 by the Municipal Corporation of Gurugram (MCG). Kohli’s domestic help was found washing the his car with drinking water and seeing the wastage of water, he has been fin*.

Kohli’s domestic help was cleaning a car with running water from a pipe outside the cricketer’s Gurugram residence in DLF Phase-1. The 30-year-old neighbour of cricketer lodged a complaint that thousands of litres of drinking water were being wasted in washing the vehicles by the cricketer’s domestic helps as he has half a dozen of cars. 

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This month, North India is under severe heat wave that which led to the acute shortage of drinking water. Not only the cricketer but other residential in the area have also been faced challan by the MCG for wasting water in the area.

“On Wednesday, the cricketer has been imposed a penalty of Rs 500 and the f*ne amount was also remitted. The worker was using running water to clean the car, leading to wastage of water,” Public Relation Officer, Gurgaon Municipal Corporation, S S Rohilla stated.

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Rohilla added that the water supply in Gurgaon is canal based and this is the reason to prevent the wasting of water, various teams of the civic body roam around inspecting water wastage in the city. If they found anyone wasting water, they take cognisance of the matter. 

“We issue advisories from time to time, requesting people to judiciously use drinking water. Whether supply water or ground water, if spent like this gets wasted. In this case, the worker could have used bucket instead of running water,” the officer said.

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According to the officer, a lot of times people are found wasting water during gardening also, so this is not the first time that penalty has been imposed for wasting water.

The cricketer is currently in England for ICC World Cup 2019. The team reached England at last and started their campaign after other teams. They registered their last match with a six-wicket win over South Africa.

Published by Neetu Panwar on 08 Jun 2019

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