Ziva Dhoni Making Rangoli In Her School Is The Cutest Thing You Will See Today

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Published by Admin on 25 Aug 2018

Former Indian Cricket Team captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni is a popular face in the whole wide world. However, his cute daughter Ziva is getting more popularity than him ever since she was born.

Recently, Ziva was spotted in a school uniform and her pictures took the internet by storm. Now another picture of Ziva making rangoli in her school is going viral. She is getting all the right attention for her sweet act that she is seen doing with her friends at school. Check out her pictures here:

Talking about all the media attention daughter Ziva gets, Dhoni, in a recent interview said, “Irrespective Of whether I like it or not, I think she gets a lot of attention and the thing is wherever I go, people actually ask about her. So, I am nowhere in the scene right now. They see me like: ‘Where is Ziva, is she around, What is she doing. So, You know, it is good to have somebody like her around, who is the live wire and once she gets up in the morning, she is always on the move. And she is very careful about what she does. So we are not worried that she may get hurt by doing something. So, it feels good to have somebody around who can ease on the stress you know, by not really pushing us to think anything. So, it is good to have her and it doesn’t really matter whether I like or I don’t like the attention she is getting because she is hardly three and a half and she already has her own character and she is stalked in a particular way. I think it is good to have a daughter like her.”

He on her school syllabus said, “It will be interesting to see what the parents think about reducing the syllabus. You know, because, not to forget, education is very important, but sport does teach you a lot about life. And school is, I feel, the right spot where you need to push the youngsters to play a lot of sport and especially physical sport, outdoor sport, indoor also qualifies when badminton is there, or squash is there, table tennis is there, but that’s the time where they have that kind of time when they can spend enough time on both.”

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