Telangana’s Cop Took Care Of Baby While Mother Completes Her Exam, Picture’s Winning Hearts

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Published by Soniya Kaur on 02 Oct 2018

A heartwarming news is coming from the district of Telangana which is winning hearts of many all over the social media. Netizens can’t stop praising the policeman who is babysitting for a lady who was giving her examination. Some are even saying that the viral picture of the policeman holding baby, changed a bit of perspective toward the policemen in India.

A young mother of 4 years old, took her baby to the examination centre for unknown reasons. Seeing this, a Telangana policeman offered her help by taking her baby in his arms and letting her complete the exam. He took care of the baby while the mother wrote her exam. A Twitter user shared this moment in which the police officer can be seen comforting the babysitting on a bench.

Have a look at the picture:

IPS officer also shared the picture and wrote his information, “Head Constable Officer Mujeeb-ur-Rehman (of Moosapet PS) who was on duty for conducting SCTPC exam in Boys Junior College, Mahbubnagar, trying to console a crying baby, whose mother was writing exam inside the hall”.

Rehman was deployed at the exam centre of Boys Junior College, Mahbubnagar as part of the security arrangement for the police constable exam on 30 September. Mr Rehman also told NDTV that the woman belongs to an underprivileged family and desperately needs a job. She is a post-graduate but do not have any job and wants to become a police constable now.

“She brought the baby to the centre and a 14-year-girl was made in charge. But the baby kept crying. So I tried to cheer him,” Mr Rahman said.

Here’s how Netizens are reacting to the same:

48 years old Rehman has also two kids and doing his best to educate them. His son is studying medicine in China and daughter will finish school next year. He also told NDTV that “We are here to serve the public. We are here because of the public. Nothing is more important to me”.

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