Political Rally Called To Have Virat Kohli In Campaign But He Is Lookalike Of The Cricketer

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Published by Admin on 26 May 2018

We have seen dopplegänger of the very famous stars even the look-alike of Virat Kohli from Uttar Pradesh trends on news sometime before.

There is no doubt Virat Kohli is the face that any can want to make their event successful. But, what when is using for rally promotion. Yes! a similar incident happened recently.

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Twitter user posted two pictures, one is the poster of the campaign in which we can see Virat Kohli and below his picture, there is a word written “Main Attraction”. However, in another picture, their main attraction is Virat Kohli’s look alike. What a trap!

Meanwhile, the user captioned the image as: “So this actually happened. They put up an election rally ad saying Virat Kohli is going to campaign for us and they actually fooled public by bringing a lookalike of Virat Kohli.”

Check the picture here:

Then many Twitter users come to give their funniest opinion on the post. Check out here:

#The epic comment ever

#What a lie “Khoon ke aansu”

#And, here they are fighting who tweeted first!

#It is the most fun thing ever

We are just thinking what will be the reply of Virat Kohli after seeing this crap!

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