Popular Television Celebrity Friends Unfollowed Each Other on Social Media

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Published by Neetu Panwar on 03 Sep 2019

After the evolution of social media, people have become highly updated with everything happening across the world. The celebrities and the common people use popular social networking sites like Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter and more. Such social media apps help people to communicate with one another. Even, the messaging platforms assist the users to unfriend or unfollow their friends.

In recent times, it has become quite popular among the Television and silver screen celebrities to use popular apps such as Instagram, Facebook, and others. We have witnessed two of them in the Television industry. They are none other than Mouni Roy and Sanjeeda. They got separated after being besties for years. But, due to some reasons, they have unfollowed each other because of the differences. 

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Mouni Roy and Sanjeeda are the best friends in the Television industry. Their friendship made headlines for being together quite often. There are some reports that Mouni Roy and Sanjeeda Sheikh got separated from being friends. We all know, Mouni Roy is building up her career in the best way in Bollywood. Mouni Roy made her debut into Bollywood film industry with the film Gold. Later, Mouni is all set to take part in her upcoming films. She is also a part of her upcoming film Brahmastra.

The friendship of Mouni Roy with Sanjeeda soon made headlines. In the Television industry, most people considered them as the best friends on Television. Now, there are few reports that they got separated. As per the latest news, there is some conflict between each other. However, we don’t know the actual reason behind it. Some reports say that both of them are not speaking to one another for about 6 months.

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As per the report, both of them unfollowed each other on social media. Even, they aren’t liking each other posts for few months. As per the report, they aren’t in touch with one another for five to six months. But, none of them have confirmed about their separation officially.

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