Preity Zinta gives clarification after her video of taking a dig at Mumbai Indians goes viral; tweets “Relax”

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Published by Vijay Singh on 21 May 2018

Currently, the IPL matches were going on and all the fans have been watching them with great interest. In the meantime, a video of actress Preity Zinta, the owner of Kings XI Punjab went viral in which she was seen dissing Mumbai Indians while her team were in a match opposite Chennai Super Kings last night. The video is going viral all over the internet as the actress was caught in an embarrassing situation.

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The lip movements of the actress were decoded as ‘I am just very happy that Mumbai is not going to the finals’.  This literally showed how the actress is happier for the other team to be out of the match than her own team being eliminated from the game. All the fans of Mumbai Indians team were quite angry on the issue and were raising eyebrows as to why the actress behaved so embarrassingly in the stadium.

The actress, however, did not sit calm after the internet went upside down over the issue. She took to Twitter to clear the issue. She clarified what she spoke on the camera and how it was wrongly decoded by the media and few other people.

Preity Zinta tweets Relax to the tweeple over their anger on her video

Her tweet read, “Relax! Only if Mumbai was “Knocked Out” Punjab would have had a chance of getting to the play offs but RR was happier we were Knocked out by CSK cuz they got to go to the playoffs ! When you leave it till the end one has to not just see your wins but other teams losses as well.”

The actress in her own cool persona replied to a Twitter user who obediently asked if she really said so. Though the issue went so far with the video going viral for a wrong interpretation of words, none of the teams went to the finals this year.

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Neither Mumbai Indians nor Kings XI Punjab has made it to the finals of IPL this year. She also addressed her team’s loss at this IPL season and tweeted saying, “Who would have thought that after winning 5 out of 6 games, in the beginning, @lionsdenkxip would have ended the #Ipl on this note. I’m sorry to all our fans & supporters for not being up to the mark this season. Next year we won’t let you down. #disappointed.”

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