Rains in Himalayas bought trash and plastic into the river, Video shows a sad reality

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Published by Vijay Singh on 18 Jul 2018

There were times when the Himalayas got acknowledged for their pure waters and unharmed lands. However, the things are taking U-turn at the moment and the overall credit goes to us for disposing of away all the plastic almost everywhere, and the Himalayas are not an exemption.

Whilst we are still finding a way to dispose the trash in towns and on the beach sides, the video posted by Healing Himalayas will surely shake you from within.

A truthful pile of waste material gets snaking its way via the river extending for hundreds of metres and posing a risk to both human well-being and the surroundings.

image source

The garbage is flowing from the top, collecting everything that was thrown on the hills and in the river. The sight, which is just terrible and upsetting has shocked a lot of buffs and ecologists – however, there is only so much that they can do.

Once the video recording hit the web, it attracted a lot of condemnation, assistance and ideas from people, but nothing can be of assistance if we don’t promise to maintain and keep our hills uncontaminated.

Healing Himalayas – an NGO posted, “It hardly rained in Himalayas and outcome is this. Who to blame us or them ? This is Ashwani khad and water supply source of Shimla & Solan. Very close to it is Solan cities solid waste dumpyard ( salogra) @RandeepHooda @jairamthakurbjp @ErikSolheim @deespeak @AUThackeray”

Here are some reactions by other people –

  • Gargi Rawat – Just horrible! A river of trash, plastic waste .. as the rain washes down the garbage! In Mumbai the ocean throwing back the trash and in Himachal this! #plasticwaste

  • Vivek Shukla – The maximum waste generated is from plastic bottles and polybags. The Himachal Pradesh and Utaarakhand Government should immediately ban these two and highlight the use of clay bottle.

  • Manshi Asher – Himachal has zero compliance of Solid Waste Management rules 2016. Also, we have to make the hard choice between ‘development’ and sustainable living. ‘sustainable development’ is a false solution. There is no such thing.

  • rahul chakravarty – Its us to blame..if we don’t take any measures to control the population of this country, we won’t be able to control such situations in future. Natural resources keep on shrinking every second. Need an ordinance to check population, everything will fall in p[email protected]

  • Joesy – Unspeakably depressing.

  • Geetha P.N – What a sad situation?? It need special attention and action from Govt.  to clean up this river.
  • janasenani – Some places to be banned for tourists to save the nature.
  • Srishtisewaks –  This is what excessive irresponsible, un restricted tourism has done to Himalayas. Time for #ResponsibleTourism

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