Rakhi Opens Up About Her Mysterious Husband; Says He’s Still In Touch and Wants To Marry Her Again

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Actress Rakhi Sawant has always been the talk of the town for some reason or another. Her recent stint in season 14 of the TV reality show Bigg Boss once again helped her grab everyone’s attention. During her initial days inside the Bigg Boss 14 house, Rakhi claimed to be married and expressed a wish to meet her husband once.

However, as the show went on, the actress disclosed that her husband Ritesh is already married and even has a kid. The thing which baffled her fans is that Rakhi Sawant revealed that she is still in touch with her husband and they talk to each other via video call.

Speaking of the same, the actress said, “I am still in touch with Ritesh, we talk to each other on video calls. He is facing visa issues and there are a few legal issues that he wants to first sort out.”

Furthermore, the former Bigg Boss contestant added that her husband has told her that he wants to talk about their relationship in front of everyone. Rakhi also mentioned that Ritesh has told her that he once again wants to tie the knot with her but this time in front of everyone.

Rakhi Sawant also reportedly confessed that the couple has been offered a big-ticket reality show. However, she refused to disclose the name of the show. The actress said that the makers of the reality TV show are in talks with Ritesh as they have offered the show to him also.

She added that her mysterious husband is a very big businessman. Thus, if he plans to fly down to India to do the TV reality show and for their marriage, then he will have to leave his work for three to four months.

Spilling the beans on her current relationship status with Ritesh, the star said, that she’s still his wife. However, she added that she doesn’t think if legally she is his wife or not. Rakhi said that she is waiting for her husband to come and talk about them and their marriage.

Rakhi revealed that she had asked her husband to come earlier and meet the media. But Ritesh apparently has some issues and he has told her that she is very controversial.

This is why Ritesh is being hesitant to make a public appearance with Rakhi. Alas, this time he has changed his mind and wants to do it. Rakhi placed emphasis on the fact that things are sorted between them and Ritesh is allegedly ready to speak about his first marriage as well.

Well, fans are now eager to see Rakhi Sawant’s better half and they can’t wait to know who he is.

Published by siddhi ajgoankar on 01 Apr 2021

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