Refined Sugar Vs. Coconut Sugar, get to know the ultimate winner

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Refined sugar is bad, and you have probably heard it from everywhere by now. But, what to have if not refined sugar? Not all ‘refined’ things are good, you see. There are a few natural resources of ‘sweetener’ which you can easily have without much guilt. Of course, in limit. One is jaggery powder which can also be replaced by ‘Gud’, the most famous ‘meetha’ in India. Another one is coconut powder, which is an extremely healthy alternative to refined sugar.

Coconut palm sugar is made of coconut palm sap, which is a sugary fluid of the coconut plant. It is healthy and beneficial for the health. The sap is collected from the flower of the coconut palm in a container. Then, it’s placed under heat till the water is totally evaporated to get brown granulated sugar. And then that granulated sugar is processed naturally and used as an alternative of sugar.

Normal refined sugar is good for nothing when it comes to nutrients, whereas the coconut palm sugar has small amounts of iron, zinc, calcium, potassium, polyphenols, antioxidants, etc. Coconut sugar is high in calorie content, which is almost similar to that of normal sugar. Its glycemic index is low. That is why, it doesn’t affect your health and blood sugar level much.

Since coconut sugar has refine process, it doesn’t give you the trouble of processed chemicals. On top of that, it has low fructose content in it. Fructose of the sugar creates extra pressure on liver to create fat, and is thus unhealthy.

Coconut sugar enhances gut health, just like coconut. Also, it is enriched with magnesium and potassium which creates a good hydro-balance in the body.

The benefits of coconut sugar are many, so when are you switching to it?

Published by Nilesh Bhattacharya on 30 Jun 2020

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