Relate your mood for the day  with Kareena’s expression right from Monday Blues to Friyay!

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Kareena Kapoor Khan is one of the talented and bad ass diva , Bollywood industry is blessed to have. The fashionable & hot mommy rules over the heart of millions of people with iconic roles she has played so far in her acting career. Right from playing character poo , Geet to Chameli on screen, the Bebo’s expressions are on point and they can be related to how we all feel about the weekdays.

From the sad Monday blues to High-on-life Saturday , we have Kareena’s expression for all the days which fit all correct for what we go through each day.


The Lazy start of the week on the first day of week is the most unliked one among the people. After enjoying happily two days of the week, getting back to the world of reality and responsibilities makes all of us sad. Bebo’s expression on this day is all we need to survive the harsh Monday.


The second day of the week somehow decreases the sadness of the beginning of the week. Tuesday is a steeping stone to curb the mid week crisis. Even, Kareena expressions says it all. Check out below.


The mid day of the week Wednesday is a hope that assures that the good days are coming back and it’s a time to celebrate. The perfect day to boost your mood can be related to Bebo’s expressions and which will assure you to make most of this day.


Throwback Thursday brings us all closer to the weekend and brings out a big smile on our face. Till, the fourth day of the week half of your work is already completed and it’s a reminder that we all be chilling soon like we want on weekend.


Time to change Friday to Friyay. Finally done with our job responsibilities, time to wrap up the week tasks and enjoy like the way we want to. Even, Veere do wedding actress has a great expressions for Friday.



Kudi Satrudrday Saturday kardi rehendi, Saturday Saturday” is the vibe of this day. Time to chill out and we have pick up the best expression for you.


Finally, the day arrives to relax, detox ,sleep and do whatever you want to do on a Sunday!

Published by Mamatha Reddy on 31 Jul 2019

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