Get rid of unhealthy belly fat with a full-body home workout routine

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To stay healthy and fit, one must do regular exercise. It is always not necessary to do vigorous exercise, even 30 minutes of a brisk walk will be helpful. There are many advantages of doing a regular workout like it keeps your immune system healthy, improves your mood, reduces the risk of heart diseases, type 2 diabetes, and many more. Since you are in the lockdown and if you want to reduce the unhealthy belly fat then we have given a full-body home workout that will help you in not only losing fat around the belly but also lose weight.  In this full-body workout routine, the movements are a little complex and intense. It will not only melt your belly fat but will also help in losing weight overall. This routine includes burpees, squat jumps, plank jacks, and lunge with a twist.

Burpees: This exercises all your body parts. From your chest, abs, triceps, quads, etc are all exercised, keeps your heart rate high, and also burn a lot of calories.

Squat Jumps: The next movement is jump squat. In addition to the squats, you have to jump and go on doing 10 reps and 2 sets each.

Now let’s start the next movement which is squat jumps. Squat jumps are an addition to conventional squats with the inclusion of jump.

Plank Jacks

Plank jacks are a great workout that works on your entire body. Adding plank jacks to your routine helps in burning more calories and fat.

Lunges with an Oblique twist

This is the last exercise. Lunges work on your lower body, core, and stability. We’ll add an oblique twist with each lunge which will further challenge your core and stability. If you find lunging difficult, you can take support while lunging without a twist.




Published by Nikita Kukreja on 23 May 2020

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