Sea diver founds ‘iPhone’ from the depth of a river that too in a working condition

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A sea diver has recently found something from the depth of a river that’s surprising. As it is known that river beds are often called as a home of treasures. Many explorers and divers have found various items from the river bed before. But who can imagine to dive deep into a river and get something valuable instead of junk and garbage? It’s not any jewellery or treasure but a gadget that everyone wishes to own.

Recently, a man who has interest in exploring the river and collecting items from the river bed that are considered as junk found an ‘iPhone’ in the water. Everyone would want to be in his place after knowing this news. Now another shocking thing is that the ‘iPhone’ wasn’t damaged and it was in working condition. The explorer took it to home, charged it and also found about the owner of the phone. The ‘iPhone’ was lying under the rocks and it was the cover that actually saved it from damage.

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What’s impressive is the diver’s humbleness. He didn’t keep the phone with himself instead he made a call to the owner with the ‘iPhone’ and gave her this good news. He also called the owner to come and take the phone. Who could think of getting back a lost ‘iPhone’ that too in a river? The owner looked happy and surprised at the same time as the explorer handed her with lost ‘iPhone’.

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This is not for the first time that a sea diver has found a valuable object from the beds. River beds are full of items that are dropped in the river and are then collected at the bed. Some explorers have also claimed to found pieces of jewellery, guns, weapons and other items from the depth of rivers. Many sea divers also do this exploring as they have a keen interest in searching the hidden treasures.

Published by Admin on 31 May 2018

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