Shashi Tharoor Shared A Meme Of Laughing Colours And It Is Simply A Pleasure For Us

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The Internet is currently flooded with millions of websites and trillions of jokes and memes. However, among them, there is a platform which constantly works towards adding colours to your daily life. No matter how stressed you are the memes, and jokes are relatable that makes you feel fresh and connected.

Yeah! we are talking about ‘Laughing Colours’ which is the 7th largest page in India with a wide reach. Ok, we are bragging about ourselves, but hey nothing wrong in celebrating the success with our followers!

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We have around 30 million followers on social media and among them, we have celebrities followers too. Like, Shashi Tharoor. Yes! you read it right. Shashi Tharoor.

Recently, Shashi shared a meme of Laughing Colours on his Twitter handle. Finding it totally relatable, he wrote: “The most powerful cartoon I have seen in a long time!”

Well, the meme is all about a small story with a big message saying, “Hello…Sir, calling from old age home. We saw your ad of the missing dog. It has come here and playing with your mother!!”

It shows the sad state of our society where children don’t care about the old parents and leave them in old age homes while they have no issue having a pet at home.

Well, Shashi is an Indian politician who never ceases to amaze us. The only politician we has come across who has his own words to express something to which we know as Tharoorianism. He has the ability to consistently use the most confoundingly complex words.

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Here’s how tweeps are reacting to the poster shared by Shashi Ji. 

#No matter what happens, there is always a connection with Pappu:

#Hmmm…we need to think now

#He feels the hidden emotion:

#First seems she is appreciating but…

#But, there are some good people though.


Last month Bollywood actor John Abraham also shared a meme of Laughing Colours. And, being a man of such brilliance when he shared Laughing Colours’ meme it is nothing but simply a pleasure for us.

Well, the Laughing team also thanked him for sharing that meme on his page because a message like this should reach maximum people and they should understand the importance.

Stay connected to Laughing Colours to get much-laughing stuff. We thank all the followers for their constant love and support to us!

Published by Admin on 18 Jun 2018

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