Shekhar Kapur slams BBC for their ‘Indian Occupied Kashmir’ terminology

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The abrogation of Article 370 which ended the territory of Jammu and Kashmir of its special status has summoned global interest. While Pakistan has neglected to get UN attention on the issue, one can’t disregard that global media houses have been alluding to Kashmir as ‘Indian Occupied Kashmir’ or ‘Indian-administered Kashmir’. BBC has been the same.


Be that as it may, movie producer Shekhar Kapur pummeled BBC for the use of such words for Kashmir and tweeted to them inquiring as to why they don’t call Northern Ireland, ‘English Occupied Ireland’.


This is the thing that he tweeted:

A few other Indian reporters have denounced the global media for showing a tilted view on Kashmir.

Nonetheless, BBC News Press Team tweeted, ‘The BBC remains by its journalism and we firmly invalidate any cases that we have misrepresented events in Kashmir. We are covering the circumstance unbiasedly and precisely. Like, different telecasters, we are right now working under extreme confinements in Kashmir yet we will keep on announcing what’s going on.’

Pakistan has cut all ties with India, following the abrogation of Article 370 and 35-A. Individuals in Pakistan have begun unfollowing Indian YouTube channels as well (no clue of information on how that is going to support them however). In connection to Pakistan’s response to the Kashmir issue, Shekhar Kapur tweeted this.


The situation in the valley is accounted for to be strained. While some news channels guarantee that ‘everything is great’ there, there have been updates on protests occurring in Srinagar too.


Published by Lokendra Sharma on 13 Aug 2019

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