Shweta Tiwari reveals her ‘ripped abs’ are not always ripped; Actress shares her workout routine

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Published by Jaansi Kaul on 19 Jan 2022

Shweta Tiwari is known as one of the fittest actresses in the television industry there is no denying that she is super active on social media and often treats her fans with her amazing photos and with her well-toned abs. Shweta worked very hard to maintain her fitness and she inspire many of her fans. Earlier she shared some of her photos flaunting her abs. The photos in no time went viral on social media, fans showered her with some adorable comments.

Addressing the same, Shweta said, “It is lovely to hear compliments.” She also added that she doesn’t look that way every day and ‘people need to know that it is not just a fit body but the lights, camera angle, and pose that also keeps you look a certain way in the photos. The truth is my abs are defined for two days and I am bloated for the next four.’

She also talked about fitness as a continuous process. “Your body won’t be ripped always, it needs work every day. People want to attain a ripped body in two months, which is not possible. Daily workouts will give you results,” she added.

Other than weight training and cardio, there are days when the actress is unable to devote an hour for a workout, but she ensures she does something.

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