Indonesia’s 9 YO Girl Is The Youngest Skateboarder To Participate In Asian Games 2018

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Published by Soniya Kaur on 21 Aug 2018

Inspiration never comes from the older ones always. Sometimes the young ones are enough to inspire people and gave them goals for like. Here’s an instance for the same.

A nine years old skateboarder Aliqqa Noverry is the youngest competitor in the Asian Games 2018 that taking place in Jakarta. Whatever she has got she has the best and no one can compete with her-at least we believe that.  We gotta say, the girl is all about speed. Lucky are those who got their family’s support and Aliqqa Noverry is one of them and after knowing she is the one youngest of this game, they were also shocked.

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Aliqqa Kayyisa Noverry merupakan salah satu dari enam atlet skateboard yang akan mewakili Indonesia di Asian Games 2018. Ia akan turun di nomor street putri. Anak kelahiran Jakarta, 2 April 2009 itu akan menjadi atlet termuda yang akan bertanding di ajang ASIAN Games 2018. Perjalanan karir Aliqqa terhitung masih baru. Ia baru dikenalkan pada papan skate dua tahun lalu. Enam bulan berlatih, Aliqqa memutuskan ikut perlombaan skate pertamanya. Turnamen Greenlab Cup di Twilo Skate Corner, pada Oktober 2016 menjadi salah satu turnamen awal yang ia ikuti. Turun di kelas under 10 Class, Aliqqa menyabet juara 3. Ia mulai rutin mengikuti turnamen tingkat nasional, hingga puncaknya ikut Seleksi Nasional Skateboard untuk Asian Games 2018 pada Mei lalu. Ia masuk di peringkat dua putri, di bawah atlet pelatnas lain, Nyimas Bunga Cinta yang berusia 12 tahun. Kecintaan Aliqqa terhadap dunia skateboard semakin berkembang seiring pengetahuan dan pengalamannya bermain. Ia pun berharap bisa menjadi sehebat skater Jepang yang jadi idolanya, Sky Brown. Hanya terpaut satu tahun dengan Aliqqa, Sky Brown menjadi motivasi tambahan bagi Aliqqa menggeluti olahraga ini. Aliqqa Kayyisa Noverry akan bertanding di nomor Street putri di ASIAN Games 2018. Skateboard akan dipertandingkan di Jakabaring Sport City Palembang selama dua hari, yakni 28 dan 29 Agustus 2018. Ayo dukung Indonesia di ajang ASIAN GAMES 2018 !!! Jangan lupa share/like/komen biar menambah wawasan dan pengetahuan kita… Like Fanspage Depo 2000 atau Follow Instagram @bioduaribu #asiangames #sport #venue #trivia #fakta #hasilpertandingan #stadion #asiangames2018 #asiangames1962 #jakarta #palembang #profil #aliqqanoverry #indonesia #indonesiajuara #maskotasiangames #maskot #indonesiabisa #BIO2000 #FORWC #FORAS

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This 4 feet-2 inch tall spearhead is full of confidence and skills and boy she has got tricks too!

During an interview, she recently talked about her game and what skateboarding means to her: “My family supports me but they’re also very surprised knowing that I’m the youngest athlete here. Being the youngest makes me a little nervous but also more motivated. But my friends think it’s a bit unfair that I get to skip school. I think I would like to skate in Tokyo.”

Aliqqa is also confident about being the part of the 2020 Olympics in Tokyo. In the interview, she clearly indicated that she wants to get as much experience as possible. Her proud mother Nin Hardi is nervous for her as she will be competing with boys twice her age. She said, “Of course I worry. That’s why I never leave her alone and always go with her to practice. If she gets ice cream, she’s all pumped up”.

Talking about the injuries she usually gets while skateboarding, Aliqqa said, “I don’t like the injuries. I twisted my ankle badly once and I couldn’t walk for five days. I can get a bit traumatized by a trick if it injures me”.

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Indonesia’s nine-year-old skateboarder Aliqqa Noverry is set to melt hearts at the Asian Games – but give her ice cream and she could be a medal threat, says her mum. The youngest competitor at this year’s event in Jakarta, the pint-sized adrenaline junkie loves nothing better than to rip into jumps at breakneck speed, her pigtails billowing behind her. “I like all the tricks and going so fast – that’s the fun part,” Aliqqa told AFP. “My family support me but they’re also very surprised knowing that I’m the youngest athlete here,” added the trailblazing teeny-bopper, who stands just 1.30 metres (4ft, 2in) tall and has only been skating for two years. (📷 AFP) #elixirng #aliqqanoverry #asiangames2018

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If you are reading this and not following your dreams or whatever you want to follow, take this young pioneer as an inspiration who is doing what she is best at. Her coach, Yudi Toengkagie always supports her and mentioned that the girl is moody sometimes but when she is in good mood, she never gives up. She explains that she wants to enjoy herself.

Well, you go girl! Good Luck.

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