Some Common Advices A Strong-Headed Woman Will Disagree With

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Here are a few of the most widespread common pieces of advice that I would have believed once but disagree with at the present.

  1. Follow your obsession and the wealth will come.

Not automatically. If you’re fervent on something, do it as you enjoy doing it, not owing to some expected future payout.

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  1. Live in the present.

As striking as this hum, it positively can put you in a problem. Because whatever we carry out, it’ll have an impact on your coming time.

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  1. Your parents always know what is best for you.

Times have completely transformed. The troubles that we confront at the moment didn’t even subsist back then. Then how can our mom and dad relate and comprehend?

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  1. The right age to wed is 25-26.

First thing, there is no right age to marry. Tie the knot only when you are all set to be with the individual you love.

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  1. Live daily like it’s your last day.

Do you even understand how fatiguing that’d be? If I begin doing that, I’d be ruined each day.

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  1. Winning isn’t everything.

Excuse me? Then what is? We all want to win, let’s agree on that. Nobody wants to be a loser anyway.

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  1. Hard work always pays off.

There are people working day and night and still not getting what they are worthy of. It’s high time we are acquainted with the fact tas to how to work smarter.

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  1. It isn’t a fight, relax!

Each and everything’s a challenge. Look through, from reaching the place of work to directing traffic to coming out of office.

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  1. Staying in your comfort region won’t get you anything.

You don’t constantly have to take the tricky pathway to get wherever you want! Keep in mind Dear Zindagi?

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  1. Honesty is the best policy.

How justified is it to harm someone’s approach for the sake of honesty? It possibly isn’t the best always.

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  1. You shouldn’t speak when the elders are talking.

Considering how significant it is to have a view, why can’t we say it in front of any person?

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  1. Do not transform yourself for any person

What can probably go wrong if you change your horrific habits whilst you are with somebody?

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  1. Don’t speak to unfamiliar persons.

We live in a globe where we are expected to meet novel people on a daily basis. And we are acquainted with the fact how to exclude bad people.

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Well, do you agree?

Published by Vijay Singh on 31 May 2018

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