Sonu Nigam reveals major truth about Indian Idol and why he stopped being a judge on the show

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Published by Arushi Agrawal on 20 Jul 2021

Singer-songwriter Sonu Nigam has dropped a truth bomb about the television reality show Indian Idol. Season 12 of the show has been a part of discussions and controversies ever since it began airing, be it the fake emotional stories of contestants or the show being scripted.

Recently several singers have talked about having to falsely praise the contestants after the makers asked them to do so. Singer Sonu Nigam has also revealed why he stopped being a judge on the show adding fuel to the fire of these rumors. He said that he cannot falsely praise the contestants as they will never learn. According to Sonu, a judge should guide the contestants on the correct path and give them their honest opinion rather than lying about it. A singer must be aware of his weak points and should improve those but if judges are forced to only praise them then how will they know what is wrong and if that is not pointed out he/she will always remain in darkness and consider themselves good all the time.

Legendary singer Kishore Kumar’s son Amit Kumar also voiced his opinion when he said that the contestants couldn’t do justice to his father in the special episode dedicated to him but the judges still had to praise them and give them false compliments. Media personality Mini Mathur who hosted a few seasons of the show in the past also revealed that she left the show due to its over-melodramatic nature



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