Sonu Sood Asks Not To Scam In His Name Instead Urges To Come To Him If In Need Of Money

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Last year, as the world slowly fell to its knees against the wrath of an invisible life-threatening disease, many people lost their livelihood. It led to the financial crisis in their lives as they struggled to put bread on their plate. During this time, Bollywood actor Sonu Sood extended a helping hand and emerged as a real-life hero. He arranged buses to the migrant workers who were returning home as major cities were under strict lockdown measures.

The Happy New Year actor even provided financial assistance to those who have medical emergencies or needed money to pay for school or college fees. Sonu to date continues to provide help in any form or manner.

However, recently the super-philanthropist is in distress because of a boy from Muzaffarpur named Ashish Kumar Singh. The boy is defrauding an unsuspecting victim of Rs 60,000 by using Sonu’s name

Instead of keeping mum on the issue, Sonu Sood decided to clap back at the boy from Muzaffarpur. He said, “It is really sad when they try to dupe poor people. Needy people in desperate need of financial assistance get duped by unscrupulous elements. Where is your conscience when you do something so evil? Such malpractices must stop.”

Furthermore, the Dabangg movie actor added that the chap Ashish has been caught and he will be punished. He also said that it is a warning to anyone to tries to cheat innocent people. Sonu urges people to not do so as they will get caught.

Sonu Sood feels that Ashish Kumar Singh is in need of counselling rather than punishment. He feels that the boy’s family should guide him and restrain him from such wrongdoings.

It is never good to dupe someone who is selflessly working for the betterment of society, especially, during such challenging times. Sonu Sood’s incident is a warning to anyone who is even thinking of taking the wrong path in the first place.

Published by siddhi ajgoankar on 07 Apr 2021

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