Sonu Sood Supports Farmers Amidst Their Ongoing Protest In North India; Calls Farmers His God

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The protest of farmers in North India is on the rise and it’s getting tighter day by day. A lot of video recordings and pics are being spread all over the social media showing farmers’ uncertainty.

A lot of people have come forward to assist the farmers. In addition to the common people, the kind-heart personality and ace Bollywood actor Sonu Sood has also extended his special support to them.

Sonu, who had turned out to be the Messiah for a lot of people during the pandemic, made a special tweet showing his special support towards the farmers in the midst of the continuing protest.

The farmers have been complaining in contradiction of the Centre’s renewed farm rules. While showing his support, Sonu Sood penned, ‘Kisaan Mera bhagwaan’. His buffs and followers are greeting Sonu for his support to farmers.

One of his fans tweeted, “Only one thing in mind after seeing u is hard work. U r surely raised well by a queen to grow up becoming a king who wins everyone’s heart #SonuSoodRealHero @SonuSood.” Another user penned, “sir your rellay great but kisaan was very bad because my father was a farmer but no money no electric no comforts so this life very bad no dreams was fulfil because no opportunity. I was very well cricket player but no use because I have no money ok sir.”

Sonu has also written a book named, ‘I Am No Messiah.’ His special offering will discuss all about the histories of his involvement and voyage during the epidemic. During a media talk, he said that he is not a messiah. “I don’t believe I am a messiah, I think I’m part of their journey, a part of every single migrant who is living and wants to come back to the bigger cities to earn some bread and butter for their family, so I totally believe that the connection I got from the last 6 months, it made me one of them. I don’t believe that I’m any sort of a messiah,” he told the channel.

Published by Ricky Tandon on 28 Nov 2020

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