Start using eco-friendly bamboos straws to get rid of plastic ones

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Published by Vijay Singh on 14 Jul 2018

Have you ever imagined of making use of bamboos as straws. They are too large to be used as a straw but now it has become a reality to use them as a straw to consume your favorite drinks.

But not the large ones but one of the popular types of bamboo named as Schizostachyum andamanicum could be utilized as a recyclable substitution of straws made of plastic.

Schizostachyum andamanicum is the native of Andaman Islands. Currently, it is being researched by Indian researchers at the Botanical Survey of India (BSI) to investigate their possible utilization as an eco-friendly alternative to plastic straws.

The straws from Schizostachyum andamanicum, which came into existence almost two decades back, are reusable straws.

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The species boasts of a slim, big, vacant stem with elongated internodes.

Boffins took some segments of the stalk between the lumps and slash it into small portions like a drinking straw.

Once the stems get removed, the covering of the bamboo gets eradicated with the hard nodes cut off.

Lal Ji Singh, scientist and head of the office at BSI’s Andaman and Nicobar Regional Centre in Port Blair, told media people that the bamboo species could not be utilizd as a drinking straw in its natural form.

But after making observations on the plant’s appearance as well as arrangement, Dr Singh came to know that it was best to become a drinking straw after some tweaks.

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Bamboo is a type of grass, and this native species is found abundantly over the islands. And it can easily be grown as well.

About his project, Dr Singh said, “After I registered the invention with the patent office under the title ‘Reusable Straw and Its Manufacturing’, I took 5,000 sample straws and distributed it during the World Environment Day Celebrations held in New Delhi earlier this year.”

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At just 50 paise, the new bamboo straws elude the plastic straws as they are reusable and eco friendly. When the bamboo straw becomes useless, it is simply get decayed in the soil.

Dr Singh added up, “If the per capita consumption of plastic has to be brought down, it can be done by promoting natural products like bamboo and jute and other such innovations.”

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