If you are stepping outside, take these precautions

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After the lockdown got imposed around three months ago, people became tired of staying at home in no time. As the unlock process has started, more and more people come out of their houses. It is not a safe time to be heading outdoors, unless absolutely necessary. But since many works are stuck, people have to be out at times.

Here are a few mistakes that may make you prone to the risk of contracting the highly infectious disease. So the next time you step out of your home, you can be on a much safer side if you follow them.

If you are heading outdoors without hand sanitizer, face mask, wipes or napkins, you are at risk. It is not at all safe to touch here and there. Using gloves and tissue paper makes sure you do not come in touch with the surfaces that may have been contaminated. Masks don’t let the germs spread and hand sanitizer kills all the germs on your hands.

If you are one of those who are thinking that the outbreak is over, you are wrong. The patients keep on increasing in the country every single day. So precaution is the only key. However, the only relief is the higher recovery rate.

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Even if the shopping malls are re-opened, if you are visiting the places unnecessarily, then you are risking yourself too. If you are going out and splurging money now, then also you are acting like a fool. Do not splurge money on unnecessary stuffs.

Stay extremely cautious while touching things outside. They all are threat to your health. If you are exposing yourself too much, you should act accordingly and get into some safer habits.

Published by Nilesh Bhattacharya on 29 Jun 2020

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