Student from Kent State University posts her graduation pictures holding a riffle, talks about student safety

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A graduate student from America is getting media attention these days. Her social media pictures are a topic of discussion and the reason is somewhat shocking. She was caught handling a Riffle in her hand and going to college. The girl named Kaitlin Bennet posted this picture on her Twitter account.

Some of the Twitteratis supported her while some were against her. She said in an interview that her intention was just to raise voice about gun rights for students in campuses. Kaitlin is happy from the positive response of people. Well, her Twitter account says how much she is concerned about student safety.

See what Twitter users said on her posts-

Her posts clearly say that the girl is not in support of the government. According to Kaitlin, citizens should keep weapons as the government keeps them in-order to save themselves from a tyrannic government. She also supports the second amendment which talks about the right of a citizen to keep and bear arms. Her graduation cap says ‘come and take it’.

Her photos are creating headlines. She was also invited to a show where she revealed the whole story behind her graduation pictures. The 22-year girl is graduated from Kent State University where 4 unarmed students were brutally killed by guardsmen. The students were protesting against the bombing of Cambodia by US military forces in 1970. All in all the girl seems a supporter of the second amendment and is no doubt influencing students to carry weapons for their safety. She took the photographs on Sunday and keeping in mind that she is now graduated from the school. This allowed her to unfollow the policies framed by the school which didn’t allow the students to carry weapons in the campus.

Published by Admin on 18 May 2018

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