Student of the Year 2: Aditya Seal opens up about his character from the film, read full interview inside

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Published by Admin on 10 May 2019

Student of the Year 2 released earlier in the day. The movie is led by a star cast of Tiger Shroff, debutants Ananya Panday and Tara Sutaria while actor Aditya Seal takes the role of antagonist. Aditya, who is making a comeback into movies after the failure of Tum Bin 2 recently revealed various details about his character and the movie as a whole.

When questioned to tell a bit about his character from the movie, Aditya said, “My character’s name is Manav Singh. He is the blue-eyed boy of St Teresa’s. Everybody loves him including his teachers. Though he is extremely rich, he is not one of those typical rich spoilt brats. He is like a leader of the college in a way. He is a good guy.”

Aditya was then questioned if he could relate to the character he’s playing upon which he answered, ”

In a way, I do because college life is pretty exciting. I have been a brat in college. It was the first time ever that the police had come to my premises because of me and my friends. I have been a brat, bunked a lot, my attendance was 30%. We had a big band of boys. We were the leaders of our college.”

The movie SOTY 2 has been criticized a lot for showing glamorized student life. Slamming his critics Aditya enthused, “There are the kind of people who have said this before, but there are also the kind of people who will go, watch and enjoy the film and say, ‘Wow, what a film!’

We are taking you into a world which does not exist and we want to you to experience it through us.”

When questioned how Aditya felt sharing the screen with the likes of Tiger Ananya and Tara, he revealed, “Tiger Shroff and I have known each other for a very long time. We used to have a great rapport. While working with him you will never feel that he is Tiger Shroff. There is nothing like that.”

He further added, “They (Tara and Ananya) are very easy and fantastic to work with. They were very comfortable with everybody around. They look fantastic, very beautiful. Their dance is amazing. It’s surprising that for their first film these girls are so prepared.

Lastly, when asked what kind of roles he would like to do in the future, Aditya said, “I first want to establish myself commercially. What I am really looking forward to doing is suspense thriller films.”

We wish Aditya and all the cast of SOTY 2 best wishes for their film.

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