Sunny Leone Talks About Doing Action-Oriented Roles, Balancing Work-Personal Life, Kids & Hubby

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2021 has already started, and our most-favorite Bollywood starlet Sunny Leone is very busy with her projects. Recently, she talked to the media people and shared all about her new project – Anamika. The film will get featured on MX Player.

She said that working on Anamika is full of fun as it a great tale. She said, “It’s really such a great experience and I feel very honored to be able to work with somebody who is so experienced and knows how to describe a great story so it’s it’s really exciting. She is also in awe of Anamika’s maker Vikram Bhatt and called him the best.

When asked about seeing some serious action this time, she stated, “there is some very serious action that’s happening that the scenes that I’ve seen that are, that have been filmed.”

When asked about the type of projects that interests her, she answered, “I think it doesn’t matter what genre, if I get the chance to work in some, some project that has an amazing story behind it, and great people working on a film then or, you know, digital show. Then, it’s the best experience. But of course, I love drama. I love action. That’s something that I’ve always loved.”

On talking about bold characters or doing close acts that are a major part of the profession, she said that it is all related to the profession.

On being asked about her improving the Hindi language, she stated that she has been working on it for a long time, and always try and speak it with everyone.

On balancing her personal as well as professional life, she stated that having three kids and working is not at all easy. The work agendas not stress-free at all, as her children are getting older. She added that it turns out to be more problematic to leave as she thinks they’re fine, but she thinks she has more separation concern and she misses them more.

She added, “Daniel makes a point to try and be as home as much as possible. Luckily for us, our offices across the street so he’s able to come back and forth, and letting go, is very very difficult, because, because of the pandemic. We have become so attached to our children and our children have become so attached to us. So that’s been, it’s been difficult but we kind of have the schedule, pretty good right now where I either spend time with them in the mornings or in the evenings, but they definitely get their mommy time and I get my children time.”

When asked about one thing about her darling hubby, Daniel, that fascinated her the most, she answered it was absolutely his dressing sense, tattoos plus intelligence.

On being asked about her most irritating habit, she answered, “I have a little bit of a type-A personality where change is something that I don’t always adjust to ease easily. But I, I do work on this issue, and I’ve gotten pretty good, but, you know, it’s sometimes very difficult.”

When asked what she would be if she was not a famous celebrity, she responded that she would always like to be a pediatric nurse.

On sharing her favourite movie, she said, “I loved watching as a child was billed for call night.” Sunny also disclosed that her favourite actor is Aamir Khan and her most loving actress is Vidya Balan.

Published by Ricky Tandon on 20 Jan 2021

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