Sunny Leone’s phone number in Arjun Patiala creates havoc for 27-YO Delhi man; gets 100-150 calls daily

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Consider that your phone number gets leaked in some other ways and you start receiving a huge number of random calls in a day. You will get more irritated at knowing the fact that these people are calling you, thinking the number is that of Sunny Leone.

The situation will be quite embarrassing for anyone. The same situation happened to a Delhi resident named Puneet Agarwal, who started getting a junk of calls since last Friday, from people who are not known.

The Delhi resident was really finding it hard to know the reason behind these calls and was in a confused state. But after doing some research, Puneet was able to find the exact reason. Her number was the one that Sunny Leone mentioned as her’s in the movie Arjun Patiala.

The fans were quick to note down the number and started ringing it in the hope that Sunny Leone will be attending the phone call.

27 year old Puneet was getting around 100 to 150 calls in a single day from random people. The talks included obscene talks and there were also people who asked for video calls. There were also a huge amount of verbal abuses and she started getting strange requests from the people. This is mainly because they though that it was Sunny Leone’s phone number.

The root cause of the issue comes from a particular scene in the movie Arjun Patiala. In that scene, Sunny Leone is seen giving her phone number to the star actor Diljit Dosanjh. Most of the times the phone numbers that are not in use get mentioned in the movies and sometimes they also use dedicated numbers for promotion activities. But this time, the number that was used in the movie really led to a number that was in use. And the victim at the receiving end was a Delhi resident named Puneet Agarwal.

After being tortured mentally, Puneet is thinking about casing a file against the makers of the movie.

Published by Ricky Tandon on 31 Jul 2019

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