Surbhi Jyoti shared morphed pictures of her FRIENDS

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FRIENDS is the most loved sitcom ever. Numbers and IMDB ratings fluctuate and Breaking Bad might become number one, but Friends has millions and millions of hearts captivated. The characters of Ross, Rachel, Phoebe, Chandler, Monica, Joey can give you immense joy, tears and so much for life.

Not only common people, even celebrities and actresses are big fans of this sitcom. Recently, it was 25 years of Friends, and on the occasion, Instagram launched a few fun games and morphing apps to morph your faces as Friends’ characters.

TV actress Surbhi Jyoti is a big fan of Friends, and she has proved it again and again. She morphed herself, Pearl V Puri, Heli Daruwala and Anita Hassanandani in a single collage and gave it a Friends’ theme.

Surbhi shared pictures of her friends posing as their opposite genders. While Anita Hassanandani, Surbhi and Heli look too cool and hunk, Pearl V Puri looks cute and adorable.

As Surbhi shared a picture of her FRIENDS, she also shared a morphed picture collage of the original cast of the sitcom. She also shared a laughing out loud emoji alongside. Truly it’s laughable.

Surbhi is enjoying her quarantine break and makes the most out of it before getting back to her busy schedule.

On the other hand, the sitcom Friends is all set to come back with a one hour special episode and they are prepping for it already. The fans cannot keep calm at all as the emotions are too damn high. Friends is not only a sitcom, it’s an emotion. So when it sets a one hour special with all 6 characters, it will break the internet for sure.

Published by Nilesh Bhattacharya on 24 Jun 2020

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